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Improve your health with a 7 day detox diet

It is sad fact that the world is becoming a more unhealthy place to live
in. Every day more and more chemicals are being released into the
atmosphere that we have no choice but to breathe in. These chemicals
contain toxins which can be very damaging to the human body when they
enter our bloodstreams. So before we all start to panic, what can we do
to eliminate these toxins from our bodies’

If you’d like to remove some of the unwanted toxins that the body stores,
then a 7 day detox diet can be a great way to start. This type of diet
helps to remove dangerous toxins that we naturally taking to our bodies
every day. These toxins have really negative effects on human body
including making us feel tired, bloated and generally having a lack of
motivation. The whole purpose of this type of detox diet, is to eat
healthily for the whole seven days and not to cheat in any way. The types
of food you will be eating will naturally consume the toxins inside the
human body and they will be expelled quickly.

So what type of food will you be eating on a 7 day detox diet’

You were generally begin the day by drinking at least one glass of water
and it is recommended that you should include lemon juice into this. This
also helps to hydrate the body and it is recommended you drink at least
eight glasses of water per day. For breakfast it is recommended that you
have a few pieces of fruit and include this with a small amount of rice.
You should then he just vegetables for lunch and a gain for dinner. This
will make sure you’re getting a good amount of nutrients if you include at
least three or four different types of vegetables per day. You should
always avoid foods that contain sugar, caffeine, flour, and generally any
unnecessary additives or preservatives during the seven days.

Once you’ve stayed on this detox diet for a full seven days, you should
feel a lot more healthy and would almost certainly have lost some weight.
One thing you should then consider is continuing this diet permanently but
obviously not as strict. Removing unwanted toxins from the body is a
vital thing in helping your body work properly and also defending itself
from any unwanted viruses.

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