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Relaxing with a nice detox tea

It’s hard in today’s world to avoid breathing in many of the toxins that
are floating around in the Earth’s atmosphere. You only have to step
outside your front door, take a deep breath and let’s face it, it’s
probably not all fresh air your breathing in. So what can we do about it’
Well, and many people decide to look after their bodies by using what is
called detox. One quick and easy way of doing this is by drinking detox tea.

Detox teas are made up of all natural substances including different
types of herbs and natural plants. They are designed to cleanse the body
and naturally aid the body’s organs to perform their duties better. There
are many ways you can purchase a detox tea. They can be purchased from
most health stores or you can even just buy the ingredients and make your
own. Making your own can become a bit messy but the benefit is that you
can be assured of all ingredients that are included. If you are buying
from a shop, you should always make sure you check the ingredients on the
box before purchasing.

The few of the main ingredients of detox tea include red clover, Burdock,
flowers, herbs, echinacea to name but a few. These type of natural
ingredients help the body enormously. They really helped to cleanse
organs such as the kidneys, lungs, the skin and can greatly aid the
defence system ensuring you maintain a natural healthy body. These
natural ingredients contain many nutrients that the body may not normally
get and can really help to build up the bodies stability, metabolism and
really help to build up the body’s defence system.

If you want a quick and easy way to make your own detox tea, then here is
a very quick example. Boil a kettle of water and pour into a bowl. Then
add some fennel, coriander and some cumin and leave for approximately 15
minutes. Then, run this mixture through a sieve and voila! Your own
detox tea ready for you to drink and cleanse your body. This is a great
way to get some natural ingredients into your body and to make sure you’re
doing your best to fight the toxins and pollutants in today’s world.
There are obviously other methods you can use every day to help with your
detox but this is a fast and easy way you can use every day without much

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