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The 3 week detox program

It is very important nowadays, that you watch what you eat very
carefully. There are so many additives and preservatives added to almost
every food you can buy so you should always read the labels before you
buy. You really have to watch that you’re not taking into many of these
extra toxins and chemicals into your body. When this happens, many people
decide to go on what is commonly known as a detox programme. This
involves eliminating having food and drink filled with all these extra
ingredients that the body really does not need. Primarily a detox
programme will last for two to three weeks and will involve you only
eating natural ingredients.

The term detox is short for detoxification which basically means removing
some of the toxins from your body that are doing more harm than good.
These toxins can slow down some of the bodies natural functions and
removing them can really help your body speed up many processes. It is
vital that when you start a detox programme, you really do only eat
vegetables and fruits. You should avoid eating any other foodstuffs or
drinking anything more than water or maybe a detox tea.

Obviously before undertaking any form of diet, including a detox
programme, you should always seek the advice of a suitably qualified
medical professional. They will be able to tell you if this is a good
idea or not. They may also give you advice on the length of the detox you
should undertake. Normally a three week detox programme will involve
eating fresh fruit and roasted vegetables during the first week and
avoiding things like caffeine, bread, red meat and generally things high
in sugar content. The second week will involve eating mainly vegetables
and will fruit as well as fresh fruit juice. The third week is often a
week that many people find the hardest. In the final week you will be
having no solid foods and all the liquidising fruit and vegetables and
drinking them only. This will fully revitalise your digestive system and
remove all the unnecessary toxins from your body.

Once you have finished your three week detox programme it is recommended
to carry on eating only healthy food and drinks. Because if you don’t you
will only end up back at square one with an unhealthy body. Going on a
diet should not be just a temporary thing, you should really try to change
your lifestyle and live a more healthy existence.

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