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The popularity of the 3 day detox diet

There are many forms of detox diet you can do in the world today. But
the popularity of the 3 day detox diet is rapidly increasing as being a
favourite to many people. This type of day it involves eating a specific
diet of healthy food and drink for a total of three days. The great thing
about it, if you don’t really need to see medical opinion before embarking
on this diet as it is only deemed a mild form of detox.

It not only produces a rapid weight loss in many cases but also helps to
really rejuvenate the body and will make you feel like a new person
altogether. It’s great because while it is actually helping you to reduce
the amount of excess fat you have a new body it is also helping to reduce
the amount of unwanted toxins that unnatural stored in the body. This in
turn increases the productivity of major organs such as the kidney and the

Here is a quick rundown of some of the typical foods and the program
involved in the 3 day detox diet:

It is recommended that you start the day with a drink of water that maybe
contains freshly squeezed lemon, this helps to naturally stimulate the
body. You should then throughout the day eat small servings of fresh
vegetables and fruit. These should be made up of maybe salads if you
prefer that you should avoid any unnecessary salad dressing. You should
also eat grains every day, these can be rice or wheat. It is also highly
recommend it to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, this helps to
hydrate the body. Other things that should be eaten are dandelions,
garlic, grapes, parsley, even green tea. You should also drink a herbal
tea at the end of the day and walk at least 30 minutes during the day.

If you manage to follow the 3 day detox diet for the whole three
days, you’re sure to feel completely different in yourself. And if you
manage to combine eating this healthily and exercising over a prolonged
period of time then your health will improve immensely and you become a
much fitter and healthier person on the whole.

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